Everybody has a story to tell. That's true whether you're an individual, an executive, an organization, or just somebody with a product or idea to sell. But most people suck at storytelling. They don't know where to begin. They muck it up with irrelevant details. They pump it full of jargon or infest it with buzzwords.

In short, they don't know how to tailor their story to their audience and make it memorable.

This is what I do. I gather information from a range of sources, winnow it down to its essentials, and present it in a way that's not only compelling and clear but also entertaining.

I can also teach your team how to figure out their story and present it in a way people can relate to, or help you map a broader editorial strategy for your organization.

Yes, I know — every journalist-turned-content marketer gives this same pitch. But, unlike many of them, I can actually deliver. If you're interested in learning more, email me or reach out to me on LinkedIn.